Explore the latest additions to our ever-evolving and, dare we say, game-changing portfolio of innovative engineered surfaces.

Wilsonart® Commercial Laminate

There's so much to relish in with new additions to ourdynamic collectionof high quality, accessible and durable commercial laminates.

The2020 Commercial Laminate Collectionincludes a robust combination of 13 trend-compatible designs, highlighted by three-dimensionalnew texturesreminiscent of natural woodgrain yet armed with the performance benefits of an engineered surface. It also includes an expansion of our fingerprint-resistantTraceless™ Laminatein rich, velvety woodgrain looks.

Grounded in playful abstracts, cool stones, smudge-free solids and earthy wood looks, a space's creative potential is virtually limitless.

Wilsonart® Quartz

Quartz surfacesare all the rage! Beautiful and strong, this engineered stone is in popular demand in commercial andresidentialprojects.

Wilsonart’snew quartz designsoffer a blank canvas within any space to expand on your own individual story, while celebrating the awe-inspiring and serene influence of local landscapes.

As if dipped in Mother Nature’s best creations, the presence of this up-and-coming surface can effortlessly render a space filled with wellness, depth and joy.

Wilsonart® Digital Print Laminate

Have you heard? Custom is becoming customary!

Whether you're working on a unique project or you simply need more design choices, Wilsonart has the188app下载 to turn your idea into a reality.

With newVirtual Design Librarycollections added quarterly and188app下载 design possibilities, there's always something fresh and inspiring to explore.

Wilsonart® Solid Surface

Ready to impress and resist distress,solid surfaceis admired for its non-porous, durable and seamless properties.

Thanks to recentmanufacturing innovations, Wilsonart® Solid Surface is not only functional and high-performing, our expanding collection of newdesignsare available in attractive stones and modern linear designs.

Stain-resistant and repairable, Solid Surface pairs well with Wilsonart’s thermoformed solid surfacesinksin popular aesthetics like farmhouse and bar styles.

Wilsonart® THINSCAPE®Performance Tops

Countertops are going thin!

From engineeredquartzandsolid surfaceto even those natural stones that must not be named (marble and granite), surfaces everywhere are getting on the thin train.

Inspired by European aesthetics, there's much more depth tothin countertopsthan meets the eye.

Delivering affordable luxury with exceptional performance, Wilsonart's188 bet下载 are versatile, slim 1/2" slabs available in various stone, woodgrain, and metal designs that are easy tofabricateand highly durable.

Wilsonart® Backsplash

It's time to say so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen (goodbye) to grout!

Easy toinstalland simple to clean, Wilsonart's seamlessacrylic surfacesare the ideal alternative to traditional, outdated tiles.

Available in a variety of moderndesigns, the look of a kitchen can be completely refreshed in just a few hours!